Data Grid

Required Fields

Field Name Type Description
val Object Object with fields configured in data-grid config

Optional Fields

Field Name Type Description
label Text Identifier for new row
color Color Background color for row
labelColor Color Color for row text

If a new row has the same label as an existing one, the old one will be replaced by the new one.

Widget Configuration

Column title
Field Name
Name of the field in the val object to get this column’s content
Type of the column’s content, the type will change how the value in val for this column is interpreted and displayed
Text Align
Column alignment
Sort Direction
Default sort direction for this column
Sort Priority
Priority in sorting for this column, sorting will be done in order of priority, sorting first by columns with smaller numbers, and then by bigger ones
Size Proportion
If all columns have size of 1 all have equal width, if one has 2 it will have twice the width as those with 1
Value Prefix
Text to add before the value in the table cell
Value Suffix
Text to add after the value in the table cell
Display Condition
An expression describing a condition to indicate when this column should be displayed, if the condition is false then the column won’t be displayed, if left empty it will be always displayed, example: ‘(min-width: 700px)

URL Type

For type URL the value is an object with two fields:

The text to display on the link
The address the link points to